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Jerry Harris is one of the most talented and sought after HYPNOTISTS in the country today. Having a Dynamic personality combined with a mesmerizing voice he will quickly and easily induce an altered state of consciousness.

In a matter of minutes your audience will be amazed and delighted when they witness a group of volunteers enter this unbelievable phenomenon called HYPNOSIS.

Jerry's professional training and many years of experience will overcome any fears and misconceptions about HYPNOSIS.

Jerry's unmatched ability to be very considerate of his subjects while guiding them through hilarious and creative suggestions has earned him the utmost respect. He is a polished entertainer, an informative educator, and a dynamic speaker.

Whether performing on a College Campus, County or State Fair, High School, Nightclub or Private Party Jerry will create a show that will be professional, entertaining and long remembered by all. He is unquestionably the most skilled and entertaining HYPNOTIST in the country today.

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